The PlanItGreen Project is part of the OPRF Community Foundation’s Communityworks initiative, which is designed to engage community residents and stakeholder organizations in realizing a vision for a sustainable Oak Park and River Forest. Community Works is initially focusing on three core areas: Environmental Sustainability; Success for All Youth; and Leadership Development.

PlanItGreen is the cornerstone of Communityworks Environmental Sustainability efforts. The Vision Plan will incorporate Phase One baseline metrics on community resource use, initially including data on KwH and Therm usage, water consumption, waste diversion, transportation-related emissions, air quality, and overall CO2 emissions equivalencies.

Phase Two of the project (July-Dec 2010) will engage community residents, youth, institutional stakeholders, and community leaders in designing a draft of the sustainability plan. Through surveys, community input forums, topic area working groups, school-based vision activities, and additional community institution engagement activities, both communities will develop strategies across a broad range of sustainability areas, including energy, community development, transportation, waste, food, water, procurement, economic development, open space/conservation, and education. The strategies will combine with goals and projected goal targets to result in a final draft plan during Phase Two.

Phase Three of the project (Jan-May 2011) will incorporate further revision from the boards and staff of key community institutions, and will incorporate additional plan elements including an overall financing strategy, communications plan, implementation priorities, an integrated institutional implementation plan, a long-term organizational development plan to sustain project implementation over time, and a report card framework and implementation assessment plan.

Phase Four of the project (June 2011-Ongoing) will focus on implementation and results measurement. Through the OPRF Community Foundation’s Communityworks grant funding program, funding will be allocated to support specific implementation priorities.

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